Recent Patents.

Issue 19 and Volume 50.

Recent Patents. l,005,586. Rotary pump casing for auto-fire apparatus. Albert C. Webb, St. Louis, Mo., assignor to the Webb Motor fire Apparatus Company, same place. 1,005,875. Turbine water-meter. Frederick Ray, East Orange, N. J. 1,006,260. Pipe-fitting. Oscar B. Mueller, New Rochelle, N. Y., and Burt B. Hodgman, East Orange, N. J., assignor to aNtional Water Main Cleaning Company. 1,000,201. Device for inserting pipe cleaning machines into pipe lines. ()scar li. Mueller, New Rochelle, N. Y., assignor to National Water Main Cleaning Co. 1,006,4ft0. Nozzle. I.cwen Russell Nelson, Peoria, 111., assignor of one-half to Central lirass & Stamping Co. 1,004,816. Automobile tire-engine. John Livingston Poultry, Haverford, Pa., assignor to James Boyd & Brother, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa. 1,004,822. Turbine-driven centrifugal pump. Walter Scheurmann, Newark-upon-Trent, England, assignor to Henry R. Worthington. 1,004,971. Fire-extinguisher. Thomas J. Beetham, Newark, X. J., assignor to The Tea Tray Company, same place. 1,000.528. hire-extinguishing stand-pipe system. Charles Brent.…

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