Winston-Salem Water and Fire Report.

Issue 19 and Volume 50.

Winston-Salem Water and Fire Report. The population of Winston-Salem, N. C., according to the 1910 census, is given at 17,197, and it is now estimated at 20,000, the corporate limits having been extended since the last census was taken. The water supply is derived from creeks and is ample at all times. The domestic pressure runs from 45 to 50 pounds, and is not quite sufficient to throw water over all buildings in the city without the aid of an engine. The pressure gage is kept in the city hall. The standpipe has a capacity of 259,000 gallons and the bottom of the tank is 40 feet from the main. The direct pressure system is not used, it having been used in this city about five years ago. The water system has automatic release valves and three duplicate pumps are used, one with 2,000,444 gallons daily and two with a…

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