Issue 19 and Volume 50.

Meterage. Grand Rapids, has 19,483 water services and 8,245 meters. The city council of San Antonio, Tex., has placed an order for 15 more small water meters. Since October 1, 240 water meters have been installed in compliance with the city ordinance at Topeka, Kan., requiring all flat rate users of city water to put in meters before next May. There were 1,400 flat rate consumers when the ordinance was passed, and at the present rate, it is expected that two-thirds will have meters by the first of the year. VV it li the, measure to supply water to the parochial schools in Fort Wayne, ind., at a rate of 3 cents JKT l,00n gallons, Councilman Paul Kinder submitted a statement to the city council, showing great waste in public buildings and this was accompanied hy a request to meter all services, whether charges are made or not for tinwater…

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