Waste of Water in Manhattan.

Issue 19 and Volume 50.

Waste of Water in Manhattan. Leaks in old water mains, by which almost a million gallons of water have been lost every day probably for years, have been discovered by the Department of Water Supply in a district of the lower section of the city. The leaks were in several parts of pipes that were not recorded in the registrar’s office and have now been repaired. They were found through the water front waste detection crusade which the depart ment has been conducting for several months. On Sept. 21. the consumption in District No. 12 was gauged, and it was found that almost 1,000,000 gallons a day was not accounted for. The men next discovered three breaks in an abandoned -‘l-inch pipe connecting with the 10-inch pi|c line on Whitehall street, through which 360,000 gallons a day were going to waste. Further investigation showed a 12-inch pipe cut into the…

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