Hydro-Electric Station for a Paper Mill.

Issue 21 and Volume 50.

Hydro-Electric Station for a Paper Mill. On the Chicaopee river, near Three Rivers, Mass., there has recently been completed a reinforced concrete hydro-electric station to supply power to the Palmer Mills of the Otis Company, as all of the machinery of the mills is to be operated by electric motors. With the exception of a superstructure of brick, the plans called for a structure entirely of concrete. In order to secure a sufficient length of spillway, the new dam was built diagonally across the river. The upper end is set in a ledge on the north shore, where there is suitable anchorage for the concrete, and the structure extends across and down the stream to the headgate section of the power house, which is at right angles to the river flow on the other side. The dam itself as well as the wing walls, abutments and the power house foundations…

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