Locomotive Fire Apparatus.

Issue 21 and Volume 50.

Locomotive Fire Apparatus. The Missouri Pacific & Iron Mountain Railroad system are working out a fire-fighting apparatus that can be attached to railroad locomotives and effectively used. A test of the appliance has just been made at the Ewing avenue shops of the Missouri Pacific in St. Louis, and was witnessed by Assistant Chief John F. Barry, of the St. Louis fire department and other officials. It is said that the cost of the apparatus installed will be $35 on each locomotive. During the test of the apparatus, it was demonstrated that a stream of water could be thrown 65 feet in the air with 200 pounds of steam pressure on a locomotive. After a careful observation of the work done by the new device, Missouri Pacific officials indorsed the merits of the appliance so strongly that it was at once decided to equip all yard engines on the entire…

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