Good Capacity Records of Engines.

Issue 21 and Volume 50.

Good Capacity Records of Engines. The excellent measuring up to requirements by the fire engines of the Columbus, O., fire department upon the last visit to that city of the engineers of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, is worthy of especial commendation. Of the 18 engines tested, two were Metropolitan, two were American, two were Continentals, 11 were Ahrens, and one was a La France. Two were extra first size, three were first size, four were second size and the remainder third size. Two were put in service in 1889, four in 1890, two in 1892, one in 1893, three in 1896, one in 1898, one in 1900, one in 1906, two in 1907, and one in 1909. The extra firsts were rated at 1,000 gallons per minute; the firsts at 900 gallons; the seconds, two at 700 and two at 650; and the thirds at 550, with the…

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