Boston Shakes Up Fire Rules to Save City.

Issue 22 and Volume 50.

Boston Shakes Up Fire Rules to Save City. Radical changes in the fire department, the laws and ordinances regulating the erection of buildings, and the enforcement of other laws and ordinances relating to the protection of life and property have been recommended in a majority report submitted to Mayor Fitzgerald by the commission on fire prevention, appointed to examine into the needs of the department and to study the general subject of fire hazard in Boston. The commission was composed of Francis M. Carroll, chairman; C. H. Blackall, nominated by the Boston chamber of commerce; John W. Decrow, nominated by the United Improvement Association, and William H. O’Brien, representing the Boston Central Labor Union. Mr. O’Brien, who submits the minority report, agrees to all of the recommendations and statements in the majority, save those relative to the extension of the building limits to include the whole city. The majority report…

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