Faces of Fire Chiefs Indicate Force of Character.

Issue 22 and Volume 50.

Faces of Fire Chiefs Indicate Force of Character. The chiefs of the leading fire departments throughout the country held their annual convention recently in Milwaukee, and in passing let it be said they were an unusually impressive body of men. No one could look into the faces of the 500 and more fire fighters gathered from ocean to ocean, and not read the story of their profession. They had worked up through the ranks and been made chiefs because they possessed certain qualifications in larger measure than their comrades. Determination, action, fearlessness and responsibility, were written into those faces just as unmistakably as the sculptor carves an expression into marble. There were also flashes in which the sternness of command melted into a certain tenderness which proclaimed the great heart. One or more of these traits will be found in a gathering of military and naval officers or doctors; but…

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