Specifications Governing the Trenton Hose Contract.

Issue 22 and Volume 50.

Specifications Governing the Trenton Hose Contract. Below will be found a copy of the specifications governing bids for furnishing the Trenton, N. J., fire department with $5,000 feet of hose, which was referred to in last week’s issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. The bids were limited to hose manufacturers in Mercer County, in that state, and the contract has been awarded : Hose to be 21/2-inch, internal diameter, double woven Cotton jacket, rubber lined. The name qf the manufacturer and the month and year of manufacture must be stenciled upon every section of the hose, twice in each 50-ft. section with lettering of indelible black, 1-inch in height; markings to begin 24 Cotton fabric to be even and firm in texture throughout and free from all injuries or unsightly defects, or defects of any kind except such trifling ones as are incident to the best practical manufacturing. The yarn…

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