Hose Coupling Specifications.

Issue 22 and Volume 50.

Hose Coupling Specifications. The following specifications of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, covering the essential features for “Hose Couplings and Hydrant Fittings for Public Fire Service.” have been agreed upon in joint conference with accredited representatives of a number of organizations and associations interested in or controlling this class of work. These specifications will be known as the National Standard, and up to this date have been adopted by the following associations: American Public Works Association, American Society of Municipal Improvements, American Waterworks Association, International Association of Fire Engineers. League of American Municipalities, Minnesota State Firemen’s Association. National Board of Fire Underwriters, National Fire Protection Association, National Firemen’s Association, New England Waterworks Association, North Carolina State Eiremen’s Association. Pennsylvania Waterworks Association, Virginia State Firemen’s Association. NATIONAL STANDARD HOSE COUPLINGS AND HYDRANT NIPPLES. In the following tables will be found specifications for the various dimensions and parts of the several…

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