Water and Fire Departments Weak at Bay City.

Issue 26 and Volume 50.

Water and Fire Departments Weak at Bay City. Bay City, Mich., was visited recently by engineers of the National Board of Fire Insurance Underwriters with a view to ascertaining its fire hazards. Following is the deduction reached: “The principal mercantile district is very weak structurally and streets are usually only of moderate width, the fire department is weak in men, not equipped for handling large fires, and hampered by an inadequate water supply, and high winds are fairly frequent; as powerful outside aid is not readily available to offset this, the conflagration hazard is high. The West Side mercantile district is weak in fire resistive features and the water supply is inadequate, so that serious fires are probable. In the lumber and manufacturing districts, the potential hazard is extremely high and under the influence of a high wind, spreading fires are probable. The congested shingle-roofed frame dwellings offer the danger…

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