Brooklyn Fire Alarm System “Dangerously Unreliable.”

Issue 26 and Volume 50.

Brooklyn Fire Alarm System “Dangerously Unreliable.” After an examination of the fire, alarm system of Brooklyn, the National Board of Fire Underwriters reports that the system is “dangerously unreliable,” “inadequate,” and that it has been “extended and maintained without any well-defined plan, and maintenance has in the past been poor.” For two months the Commttee on Fire Prevention of the Board of Underwriters has been studying the system. The report is signed by George W. Booth, but the investigation was made under the direction of Engineer Charles H. Lunn. “The present system,” says the report, “was originally designed for the City of Brooklyn before consolidation, and was a manual system. As surrounding towns and villages grew and were made a part of that city, their fire alarm circuits were extended to the present headquarters, or, if no local system existed, one of the box circuits of the original system was…

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