Milwaukee Had An Epidemic of Fires.

Issue 4 and Volume 51.

Milwaukee Had An Epidemic of Fires. During 1911 the Milwaukee fire department responded to 2,175 alarms, worked 3,479 hours, traded 12,542 1-2 miles, laid 711,045 feet of hose and raised 32,060 feet of ladders. In 1910 the department responded to 2,non alarms, worked 3,500 hours, traveled 10,800 miles, laid 586,000 feet of hose and raised 27.000 feet of ladders. All losses have not been adjusted, but the total to Dec. 15 is estimated at $1,250,000. Considering number of alarms and loss, this can be considered an excellent showing. A new record for a fire loss during any one month was established in March, when the loss was $411,000. which is one-third of the loss of the year. There appeared to be an epidemic of fires, stopping suddenly with the Middleton fire, when five lives were lost. Five members of the department lost their lives at the Middleton fire and one…

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