Increased Salaries at Providence.

Issue 4 and Volume 51.

Increased Salaries at Providence. Increases in pay for officers and members of the fire department at Providence, R. I., which will total $52,000 annually, are recommended to the city council by the board of fire commissioners. The schedule submitted for approval calls for increases of $3.50 per week for captains, lieutenants and enginemen, $3.15 per week for assistant enginemen and highest grade privates. $2.80 for second grade privates. $2.45 for third grade and $2.10 for fourth, or lowest grade The report reads: “After a full and careful consideration of the subject, the board is convinced that the request for an increase in pay is both just and reasonable. The following schedule is presented for rates of pay per day: Captains. $4: lieutenants,$3.75; enginemen. $3.75; assistant enginemen, $3.45; privates, first grade. $3.45; second grade, $3.07; third grade, $2.68; fourth grade, $2.30.

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