Issue 4 and Volume 51.

ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT AT La CROSSE La Crosse, Wis., was recently gone over by the National Board of Fire Underwriter Engineers who summed up their findings in these words: “In the principal mercantile district, the weak construction of nearly all buildings, the presence of several conflagration breeders, the poorly equipped fire department and the inadequate and unreliable fire alarm system render extensive fires prabable, especially at the western end. The good accessibility of blocks and the fair water distribution system are mitigating features, but under slightly adverse conditions a large portion of the district could be swept by a fire. At several points in the manufacturing districts are groups of large, weakly constructed buildings with highly combustible contents, where serious fires involving two or more blocks could readily occur; such a fire in the southwestern manufacturing district would probably involve a part of the principal mercantile district. In the detached…

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