Death of Frederick A. Smith.

Issue 6 and Volume 51.

Death of Frederick A. Smith. On Tuesday, January 30th, Frederick A. Smith died suddenly, supposed from an apoplectic stroke, while enjoying what seemed to be excellent health. He left his home in Brooklyn on the morning of his death, after making arrangements to attend a concert in the evening, and transacted his usual business at the office of the Neptune Meter Company at 90 West Street, New York city. He had luncheon at a nearby restaurant and then visited a barber shop where, while seated in a chair, he became suddenly ill, and the barber had barely reached him in time to prevent his falling to the floor. An ambulance was called and he was taken to the Hudson Street Hospital, but he never regained consciousness and died almost immediately after reaching there. Thus ended tbe career of one of the brightest young men in tbe waterworks business of the…

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