Safeguarding The Boston Water Supply

Issue 6 and Volume 51.

Safeguarding The Boston Water Supply Recent reports have shown the possible peril in a threatened pollution of the drinking water stored in Lake Cochituate, and have pointed out the diffculty of detecting such offenses against the health of Boston and the Metropolitan community when protection involves the minute and constant scrutiny of the behavior of private persons who may live anywhere in a very large area (by Massachusetts standards) such as is included in the watershed of any of the chief storage reservoirs. The suppression of pig-styes, however, is a comparatively simple task in the way of water protection compared to the tests and exploration which have to be made in the city’s drinking water after it has been accumulated in Lake Cochituate and other reservoirs. The study of our drinking water lakes, or reservoirs, is as interesting as it is complicated, for every reservoir is a combined botanical and…

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