Mott Engine at Bridgeport

Issue 7 and Volume 51.

Mott Engine at Bridgeport The Nott converted steamer was recently accepted by the city of Bridgeport, Conn., after thorough tests, particulars of which are given in a local paper, the Telegram, as follows: Fire steamer No. 1, which was converted into a motor driven machine by the Nott Engine Company of Minneapolis, has been accepted by the fire commissioners. E. A. Wilkinson, general manager of the Nott company, and Pat Ericcson. its expert driver, have been in the city tuning the engine up for the official test. In the preliminary tests the steamer was run about the city for 11 miles. Pat Ericcson was at the wheel, with Chief Mechanic Tracy in the other seat. At the final tests were Mayor Wilson, Fire Commissioners Taylor, Cogill, Hartigan and Burns, and ex-Commissioner Dwight Wheeler, who was very much interested, as he was president of the board when the steamer was sent…

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