Issue 7 and Volume 51.

PACIFIC COAST ENGINEERING FEATS The Pacific slope is to be credited with originating many achievements in the engineering field which have created a precedent for the effete east and other countries to copy. Such feats as the construction of the heavy wrought iron pressure pipe of the Comstocs in the early seventies in Nevada, the creation of the thin arch dam of Brown in Bear Valley, San Bernardino county, the many pioneer rock-fill dams with wooden facing, constructed in the old mining days in California mountains, are now being surpassed by the modification of same in the completion of the immense Morena rock-fill dam of San Diego, which substitutes a veneered skin of reinforced concrete and masonry for the old wooden facing, and completes successfully the largest dam of this type in the world, 267 feet high from the foundation to the top in a most satisfactory manner. This work…

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