European Fire Losses in 1911

Issue 7 and Volume 51.

European Fire Losses in 1911 Ireland.—Belfast, with a population of 349,10, and Dublin, with a population of 308,-500, had a per capita loss of forty-six cents and fartyfour cents respectively. France.—Among eight of the largest cities, Marseilles, with a population of 517,498, had a loss of $3.79; Roubaix, with a population of 120,115, had a loss of $1.65, and Bordeaux, with a population of 257,471, had a loss of $1.12. The remaining cities varied from Calais, of 80,000 population and a loss of ten cents, to Lyons, of 472,144 population and a loss of seventy-eight cents. Paris has a population of 2.763,393 and had a loss of forty three cents. The per capita loss for the country was ninety-two rents.

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