Politics in Rensselaer Fire Department

Issue 7 and Volume 51.

Politics in Rensselaer Fire Department Rensselaer, a city of 10,000 population on the east bank of the Hudson river opposite Albany, like a great many other cities allows politics to demoralize its fire department. There are three fire commissioners, namely, George Brooks, Henry Gordinier and Edward G. Bailey. The latter recently preferred charges against two drivers of the department, one being accused of intoxication and the other of insubordination, both charges being sustained upon examination. Being in the minority, however, Commissioner Bailey’s aim to maintain discipline in the re department was disregarded by the two other Commissioners. who voted to reinstate both recalcitrants. From reports coming to hand it can be seen that the insubordinates had the backing of the Republican political machinery. Rensselaer has five fire companies, one truck and four chemical and hose wagons, but as the firemen own the horses, the city is practically dependent upon the…

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