Clever Fire Work at Iowa City

Issue 7 and Volume 51.

Clever Fire Work at Iowa City Iowa City, Ia., had a fire a short time ago that threatened to wipe out a large section of the city, but owing to the hard and clever work of the chief and his men, the total loss was reduced to about $50,000. From the illustrations herewith it will be seen that the fire was discovered among a nest of wooden buildings, are shown at the extreme left of the picture. From the inflammable nature of the contents of this building, the fire had made good progress before the firemen w’ere aware that it had broken out, and it is much to their credit that some of the structure remains to show how well the work of extinguishment was done. There was good pressure at the hydrants, and from these some few effective streams w’ere thrown, using such good judgment that not only was…

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