Lack of Water at Canton Increases Fire Hazard.

Issue 7 and Volume 51.

Lack of Water at Canton Increases Fire Hazard. Canton, O., was recently investigated by the Engineers of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, who summed up the city’s fire hazard as follows: “Serious fires are probable in the principal mercantile district, owing to the weak construction from a fire resistive standpoint, occasional for handling serious fires, and the lack of an adequate water supply; the danger of such fires involving a block or more is hgh, in spite of the modifying features of the low heights and small areas, and the small size of blocks. In the manufacturing districts and plants, the potential hazard is moderately high, and, owing to the inadequate water supply, spreading fires are probable, even with the fair to good private protection. In residential sections, the poor water supply makes group fires probable, even though roofs are mainly noncombustiblc.” Canton which has 55,000 population, covers an…

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