Waterworks News Items

Issue 7 and Volume 51.

Waterworks News Items Filtration is favored in Cheyenne, Wyo. Moline, Ill., has voted a bond issue of $170,000 for improvements on the city waterworks. A tower on the new municipal water system of Dorris, Cal., will soon be completed. A 4.000 gallon per minute pumping plant at Ballinger, Tex., will shortly be installed. The filter plant at Basin, Wyo., is practically completed and will be used in a short time. The municipal water system of New Castle, Ind., is to be put in better condition. The city intends expending $60,000 on the plant. Dr. A. H. Cote will investigate the water at Sarnia, Mich., to determine the amount of water used daily. Ramona, Cal., is planning to install a water system. The city will construct a reservoir which will cover 400 acres of land. Little River, Kan., has plan usnder way for the construction of waterworks system at that place.…

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