Motors for Newark Salvage Corpa.

Issue 9 and Volume 51.

Motors for Newark Salvage Corpa. A local paper of Newark, N. J., in pointing out the efficiency of the Insurance Salvage Corps of that place says: “The Underwriters’ Association was not long in realizing the value of the motor-driven vehicle. At first the corps experimented with one high-powered machine an dits worth was demonstrated beyond any reasonable doubt. After this machine had been in service only a short time the executive committee of the U. P. A., as the associate is known among fire insurance men, ordered another motor car and placed it inservice. Now the third machine has been added to the corps’ equipment. This car is being used as an emergency or utility machine. Notwithstanding this splendid outfit, the underwriters have under consideration plans to establish another corps station in another part of the city. The recent cold spell demonstrated to the underwriters the need of a new…

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