Issue 9 and Volume 51.

FILTRATION The Kenosha, Wis., council committee on filtration has inspected the South Milwaukee plant and found that its construction would not be suitable. In Kenosha it will be necessary to have a filter of at least twelve million gallons daily capacity and an acre of land on which to install it. C. A. Jennings the chemist engaged to report upon the filter plant of Quincy, Ill., has submitted his findings to the special committee of the city council. It states that the city is getting as good a quality of water as it can expect under the present physical condition of the plant. In other words he shows how the water furnished in the company can best be improved by making improvements in the way of an entire new plant, and settling basin. The New’s of Dallas, Tex., of the 5th of Febtuary says that with the opening of the…

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