New England Waterworks Association

Issue 9 and Volume 51.

New England Waterworks Association That the members of the New England Waterworks Association are interested in the proceedings of its meetings was indicated by the large attendance at the February session held in Hocton on the 14th inst. Aside from Frederic P. Stearns, an honorary member, the following regular members, associates and guests were in attendance: Members—A. S. Agnew, C. H. Baldwin, G. W. Batchelder, J. W. Blackmer, George Bowers, Dexter Brackett, E. C. Brooks, G. A. Carpenter, George Cassell, J. C. Chase, K. D. Chase, M. F. Collins, A. W. Cuddeback, A. O. Doane, E. D. Eldridgc, G. F. Evans, C. H. Felton, F. F. Forbes, F. L. Fuller, F. J. Gifford, Albert S. Glover, Clarence Goldsmith, J. M. Godell, F. H. Gunther, K. A. Hale, K. K. Hale, F. E. Hall, J. O. Hall, T. G. Hazard, Jr., H. G. Holden, J. L. Hyde, W. S. Johnson, E.…

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