Kenosha to Filter Lake Water.

Issue 9 and Volume 51.

Kenosha to Filter Lake Water. A press dispatch from Kenosha, Wis., says: “The city council has ordered a thorough examination ot lake water, and the department of health, assisted by a special committee of the council, will visit all cities along the lake to inspect and report upon the operation of filters. That a system of filtration and covered reservoirs must be installed, if Lake Cochituate is to be used as a source of water supply for Boston, was the contention of Fdward F. McSwceney, chairman of the trustees of the Boston Consumptives’ Hospital. Dr. Francis D. Donoghue. and residents of Natick and Framingham, at a hearing before the committee on metropolitan affairs at the State House, Boston, last week. Dr. Donoghue, who made a special study of European water supplies last summer, told the committee the Thames, which is the source of London’s water supply, is the playground of…

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