Waterworks News Items

Issue 11 and Volume 51.

Waterworks News Items The proposed plant for Rankin, Ill., is estimated to cost $22,041.61. The population is 854. Cornelius, Ore., has voted a bond issue of $27,000 for a gravity water system. The franchise of the local water company having about expired, the citizens of Galena, Ill., will vote a bond issue to buy the plant. The Water Company of Hanover, Pa., propose an increase in rates for single faucet from $6 to $9. and bath tub from $2 to $4. The proposed incorporation of West Savannah, Ga., with the city will necessitate an improvement and considerable extension of the plant. At the recent election in Glendale, Cal., $40,000 bonds were voted to extend the system to West Glendale and improve the present plant. Clinton, Mass., will build new waterworks and will supply Sterling and Lancaster with high pressure. It is estimated to cost $75,000. A meeting of the city…

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