Glorious Record of Chicago Fire Department.

Issue 11 and Volume 51.

Glorious Record of Chicago Fire Department. A little more than three-quarters of a century ago the city council of Chicago, after much sage deliberation and careful planning, resolved to adopt an innovation that was to be epochal in the history of the city by the lake. Glimpsing dimly a great future for their town and ambitious to be abreast of time, they resolved that Chicago should have an organized and efficient fire department The beginning was humble enough—as all beginnings are. The art of fire fighting then was not the complicated science it is to-day. Given a number of buckets, a few able-bodied men and a tower from which an alarm bell could be suspended, any community was in possession of a fire department theoretically adequate to any emergency. But even these simple expedients had up to that time been woefully lacking in Chicago. So the city fathers of 1833…

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