Issue 12 and Volume 51.

CORRESPONDENCE The Water Pressure at Pipestone. To the Editor: On a recent date we had a bad fire in a stone church building here, the flames having started from a defective furnace in the basement and extended through the floor to the attic and out through the roof. The fire was mostly concealed between the floors and walls. The water pressure at the pump was from ninety-five to ninetyseven pounds, pumping through five hundred feet of six-inch mains and through seven hundred feet of four-inch mains to fire plugs. We used two lines of 2 ½-inch gum and rubber hose, two hundred and fifty feet of each from one hydrant and four hundred feet of two-and onehalf inch gum and rubber hose from another hydrant. Two of these streams were in constant service through lRj-inch Larkin shut-off nozzles for about two hours. During the fire several old service pipes in…

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