Thrilling Factory Fire in Philadelphia

Issue 12 and Volume 51.

Thrilling Factory Fire in Philadelphia Nearly the entire Philadelphia Fire Department recently stood three hours in ice and slush, in danger of falling walls, contending with failure of the high-pressure system, frozen hose nozzles and a gale of wind, vainly endeavoring to save two large factory buildings at Franklin and Vine streets, which were burned to the ground. The loss was estimated at more than $-100,000 over insurance, and the fire throws about 1.000 men and women out of work. Charged electric wires which fell added to the danger. A great portion of the factory wall fell and tore a big hole in the north wall of the Standard Hotel, at the southwest corner of Franklin and Vine streets. The fire frightened the Tenderloin and drove roomers from scores of theatrical hoarding houses and hotels in the neighborhood. The wind showered Franklin Square and the surrounding buildings with sparks, and…

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