Efficient Fire and Water Departments Protect St. Louis

Issue 16 and Volume 51.

Efficient Fire and Water Departments Protect St. Louis The city of St. Louis, Mo., recently passed under the scrutiny of the National Board of Fire Underwriters’ engineers, who summed up their conclusions in these words: “The predominance of buildings of ordinary construction, many of considerable height and large to excessive area, the narrowness of most of the streets and the absence of protection against the spread of fire within the buildings and from building to building make the potential hazard high in all except the second or southwestern section, in which a large proportion of the buildings are fireproof; in spots in this section it is also high, owing to similar conditions. The many sprinkler equipments, the fair width of several streets and the grouping of fireproof buildings, which would form partial barriers, although their efficiency as such is greatly lessened by the lack of window protection, reduce considerably the…

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