Muskegon Water System Threatened

Issue 16 and Volume 51.

Muskegon Water System Threatened Muskegon’s water system to be damaged $200,000; North Muskegon’s water system to be damaged ; many sewer outlets rendered valueless, and many docks to be rendered useless are some of the calamities to Muskegon, Mich., and Muskegon’s harbor predicted by Mayor Rietdyk in his formal brief against the Chicago drainage canal project forwarded to Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson. This brief supplements and simplifies a previous protest which he filed with the federal board of rivers and harbors engineers. The mayor further declares that open navigation on Muskegon lake may almost entirely be destroyed if Chicago is permitted to divert 10,000 cubic feet of water a second through the canal. At the present time it is permitted to divert 4,167 feet per second, although it is alleged that actually about 7,000 feet a second is taken. The mayor says that further diversion of the flow…

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