Record Pumping of a Webb Motor at Akron

Issue 16 and Volume 51.

Record Pumping of a Webb Motor at Akron The ability of the motor fire engine in long, hard service has been in the minds of some problematical. The Webb engine has already established a number of records varying from eight to 17 1/2 hours’ continuous service, but all records are now broken by the continuous service of 91 1/2 hours of lifting water from 12 to 16 feet and pumping at the estimated rate of 500 gallons per minute for this length of time, the fouling of two spark plugs being the only apparent wear upon the apparatus, and even this was not discovered until the service was completed and engine being thoroughly inspected upon going back into quarters. So far as is is known, the longest run of steam fire engines with one exception lias been 123 hours; the one exception was 240 hours in the flooding of coal…

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