Waterworks News Items

Issue 17 and Volume 51.

Waterworks News Items Newport, Ky., will probably vote a bond issue sufficient to build a filter plant. The Milwaukee, Wis., waterworks commission has asked for $33,000 with which to improve the water system. The water plant of Woodburn, Ore., was transferred to the city recently by the owner, Rollin K. Page. The consideration was $9,650. Cleborne, Tex., has bought out the bondholders who have owned the local water plant, for $128,000. The city will spend $50,000 in improvements. A special bond issue will be made by Appleton, Wis., to cover cost of water extension. The property abutting will only be required to pay for the installation of service pipes. A company has been chartered at Austin, Tex., under the title of Port Lavaca Manufacturing Company, capital stock $50,000. The company will put in a complete waterworks at Port Lavaca. The two propositions to be submitted at the April election in…

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