Seagrave Motor Chemical Engine

Issue 17 and Volume 51.

Seagrave Motor Chemical Engine The Seagrave Company, of Columbus, O., has made many sales recently of its large type “D” motor-propelled combination hose wagon and chemical engine. This machine is built extra strong and has a hose-carrying capacity from 1,500 to 2,000 feet of hose. The motor is of Seagrave’s own make, having six cylinders, 5 3/4-inch bore and 6-inch stroke, which, according to the A. L. A. M formula, will develop 80 horsepower, but which on brake test develops nearly 100. A feature of this machine which should attract the attention of fire department officials everywhere is that it is so constructed and fitted with an attachment at the rear end that it can be attached to any horse-drawn steam fire engine or hook and ladder truck, thus combining two pieces of apparatus in one, taking them both to the fire at the same time. The saving by this…

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