Fireproofing New York Hotels

Issue 18 and Volume 51.

Fireproofing New York Hotels Two examples of the newest methods of fire prevention in hotel construction in New York are described in a recent number of “Architecture and Building.” They are big uptown hotels which have been completed recently. In showing what precautions have been taken in one of them the writer says: “The window frames in the entire building are copper-covered, and in the courts and on the exposed sides of the building are glazed with polished wire glass. The main stairways on each floor in the center of each wing are protected with steel formed partitions in which are double doors kept closed by spring hinges and glazed with polished wire glass. The stairs themselves are of concrete and steel, those at the back end of the hallways being protected, as described above. The openings leading from these hallways to the freight elevator landing are protected by standard…

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