Fire in a Camden Lumber District

Issue 18 and Volume 51.

Fire in a Camden Lumber District When the fire department of Camden, N. J. was summoned to combat a fire at the Philadelphia Steel and Wire Company plant recently they were confronted with a greater task that was actually threatening. The building was located on the northwest corner of Delaware avenue and Pearl street, was 150 x 200 feet in dimensions, built of wood and covered with galvanized iron. The front of the structure was two stories high and the latter part one story, the building having been built about ten years ago. It was practically what is known as a mill construction, there being no partition walls. The flames were discovered by passers-by at 5:38 p. m., who at once caused a telephone alarm to be sent in. About 150 persons are employed in the building, but at that hour most of them had stopped work. Three Metropolitan second-size…

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