Issue 18 and Volume 51.

METERAGE Dallas, Tex., is setting meters at the rate of 33 a day. At this rate it is expected all taps will be connected. At Caldwell, Tex., meters are being set rapidly. The meter rate has been fixed at 25 cents per 1,000 gallons. Springfield, O., with 50,000 population, consumes 5,723,791 gallons daily, has 8,209 services and 1086 meters. The water and light commissioners of Grand Rapids, Minn., are considering the advisability of installing a meter system instead of the flat rate system now used. Although the supply of New Britain, Conn., is gravity, a big effort was made by the commissioners to stop waste, as the report for the past year shows that no less than 1,868 meters were set. The city water department of Moscow, Idaho, is installing meters according to an ordinance compelling this action. George Carlson, water commissioner, says the ordinance is being enforced, and where…

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