Three Dams Collapse in Northern New York

Issue 18 and Volume 51.

Three Dams Collapse in Northern New York The new concrete dam of the Witherbee-Sherman Company at Witherbee, Essex county, N. Y., went out last Wednesday night, flooding a large portion of Witherbee village, completely inundating Moriah Center and doing property damage estimated at upwards of $100,000. The lives of several hundred people were saved by the prompt action of a telephone operator in the Port Henry exchange, who notified every subscriber up the valley that the dam had burst in time for them and their friends to reach safety in the hills. The dam which burst held back a lake two miles long and of an average width of half a mile. What caused the break is not known, as the dam was new and there was but little flood pressure upon it. The water rushed down the valley to Witherbee, two miles away, sweeping away many barns and residences…

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