Notes from Cambridge, Mass., Fire Department

Issue 18 and Volume 51.

Notes from Cambridge, Mass., Fire Department On Thursday morning last a dangerous fire was extinguished with a loss of a little less than $5,000 by this department. A fire starting from an unknown cause, gutted the three-story building at 722 Massachusetts avenue, in the heart of the city, and only by excellent work, prevented a bad fire in the center of a block of mostly wooden structures. Early pedestrians, about 4:45 a. m., noticed the vicinity smoke-filled, and a citizen pulled box 39. Chemical 1, the first to arrive, at once attacked the blaze on the street floor, occupied by John Borzakian as a fruit and confectionery business, who also resided on the two floors above. Mr. Borzakian, assisted by citizens and the police, saved himself and family by means of a rope made of bed clothing. As truck 3 rolled in the cry was raised that Mrs. Cadagan, “housekeeper,”…

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