Issue 18 and Volume 51.

CORRESPONDENCE Great Pumping Record* of Troy Fire Engine* To the Editor: Enclosed find clipping from a recent number of your journal, and while not wishing to detract from the record of the Webb engine stated therein—that of 91 1/2 hours continuous pumping —would state your correspondent is in error where he claims 123 hours and 240 hours as the longest for steam fire engines. The City of Troy’s water supply is divided into three parts, or services, known respectively as the upper, middle and lower. In the fall of 1895 we had a water famine, following a period of unprecedented drought. The upper service had some water, the middle none, while the lower had a fair supply. The problem was to get water into the middle service. Accordingly, on October 4, 1895, the Washington Volunteer Steamer (a secondsize Button) was ordered into service, pumping water from the reservoir of the…

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