Fire Department Doings

Issue 20 and Volume 51.

Fire Department Doings The estimated losses by fire in the United States and Canada, reported for the week ending May 13, amounted to $4,311,000. On account of other conventions in Denver, Colo., on September 10 the directors of the International Association of Fire Engineers have changed the date of the annual convention of that association to September 17, 18 and 19. A favorable comment on the water supply and lire fighting facilities of Columbia, S. C., shows that at the begining of 1911 the insurance rate was on a 90 cent, basis, and now it is 50 cents. In Marquette, Mich., a campaign has been started against fire traps. City Fire Warden Maney has caused many old wooden buildings to be tom down and others to be rebuilt to conform to the law. Chief G. Schmulen, of Lafayette, La., has organized the Young American Hook and Ladder Company, composed of…

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