Texas Fire Marshal Code

Issue 20 and Volume 51.

Texas Fire Marshal Code The Texas State Insurance Board is to enforce to the letter the provisions of the fire marshal’s code requiring the city fire marshals to make reports every ninety days or oftener of the conditions of all mercantile risks and special hazards in their towns. Books of blanks have been forwarded to city fire marshals throughout the state and State Fire Marshal S. W. Inglish says that it is the intention of the board to have reports on time. The reports will require the fire marshal to do plenty of work, as he will have to be making inspections most of his time, Each mercantile risk and special risk is to be listed, showing street and number, name of occupant or owner, how the building is occupied and “name unsafe conditions found.” The policyholders, whether owner or lessee, will save money by complying with the provisions of…

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