Recent Patents

Issue 20 and Volume 51.

Recent Patents 1,024,609. Fire-bucket. Albert E. Waggoner, Chicago, Ill., assignor of three-fourths to George W. Lyndon, same 1,024,627. Hose-coupling. Egbert H. Gold, Chicago. Ill. 1,024,741. Water-meter. Lewis Hallock Nash, South Norwalk, Conn. 1,024,919. Pump. Frederick L. Waterous, St. Paul, Minn. 1,024,979 Automatic sprinkler. Sigvald B. Erickson, Providence, R. I. 1,025,111. Hydraulic traverse mechanism. Edward S. Cole. Montclair. N. J. 1,022,759. Hose-coupling. John W. and John E. Stine, San Francisco, Cal. 1,022,927. Pipe or hose coupling. Philo R, Bradley, West New York. N. J., assignor of one half to George Winkler, same place. 1,022,988, Fire-hose crossing for railways. Thomas D. Waller. Memphis. Tcnn. 1.023.107. Method of extinguishing fires in telephone installations. Conrad Gautsch, Berlin, Germany.

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