Issue 20 and Volume 51.

METERAGE Albany, N. Y., with 100,000 population, has a daily consumption of 24,953,000 gallons. There are 17,352 services and 4,738 meters. Negotiations for the sale of bonds are under way at Canton, O., to extend water mains and install meters. City Council consented to use $15,000 for water mains. Ware, Mass., has a population of 8,778. The system is pumping, the total pumpage for the year being 149,472,450 gallons, or 46.3 gallons per capita per day. The number of meters set to date is 900, of which 40 were frozen during the winter. Twelve different brands are included in the total. At Andover, Mass., there are 1,245 taps and 1,023 meters. The fire stations, schools and other public places have their services metered, so that an exact charge for water consumed may be recorded. Of the meters in use 479 are trident, 222 Nash, 103 Thomson, 90 Crown, 66 Hersey,…

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