Arkansas Club Women Talk Fire Prevention

Issue 22 and Volume 51.

Arkansas Club Women Talk Fire Prevention The Arkansas Federation of Women’s Clubs at its fifteenth annual convention in Little Rock, recently, look a decided stand upon the subject of fire prevention A fire prevention committee was created and Miss Mary McCabe, of Little Rock, was elected chairman. Miss McCabe read the following timely paper on the subject: “It is with the deepest appreciation 1 accepted the invitation of our deservedly popular president to address a few words in behalf of this most important, most vital question, hire Prevention.’ “As this organization, composed of our representative women of this state, has always stood for all that helped in the betterment of humanity, and for the good and progressiveness of the grand old state of Arkansas, we deem it fit and proper that it take the initiative in soliciting from all the women of Arkansas co-operation in this world-wide movement of ‘Fire…

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