Fire Hazard in Henderson Increased by Poor Water Supply

Issue 22 and Volume 51.

Fire Hazard in Henderson Increased by Poor Water Supply Following a visit of the National Board of Fire Underwriters Engineers at Henderson, Ky., the following comment was issued: “In the principal mercantile district, the general weak construction, many large areas and several conflagration breeders render serious fires probable in nearly every block. As streets are wide and wind velocities low, no general conflagration would tie probable, if it were not for the unreliable and inadequate water supply and weak fire department. In the southern manufacturing district, where construction is also weak and exposures severe, an extensive group lire is probable. In other mercantile and manufacturing districts the hazard is local. The residential districts present the usual flying brand hazard. In all sections of the city the hazard is materially increased by the inadequacy of the water supply.” Henderson has a population of nearly 12,000, and covers about three square miles,…

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